Monday, May 30, 2011


{via: West Elm}

I know the moth/large bug thing is living large in the design world now, but I have to come out now and tell you that I just can't handle it. :) So many pictures have filled my head with large printed moths taking up entire walls, collections swarming bookshelves, ceramic creepy crawlies in the kitchen... but now this. I found this tonight and I am finally taking a side. Ugh, this I can't even look at let alone keep in my bedroom. Over me. All night. Surrounding me. I'd have nightmares!

Though I do love West Elm and everything they have to offer. Except this. :) I'm getting the heebie-jeebies!

How do you like the buggy trend? Love it, hate it, wish it was gone from the blogosphere? (*both hands up in the air, jumping up and down*)

I realize that this is my first post in a few months - I felt the inspiration and the need to share this one, I guess! I think I will try this new guiding force in sharing, see what happens. :) But, no more bugs, I promise!

Hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you out there who have made the sacrifice for us. We have always needed you and you have always been there for us, and we owe you more than we could ever say or do in return. Thank you for giving us the amazing gifts of freedom, safety and life! You have made our country a beautiful sanctuary, and we owe you big time for our expressive and protected lives - I know I will always remember and be eternally grateful for you. :)