Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Story

I am a 32 year old Stay-At-Home-Mom to toddler triplets.  They were born in April of 2007 and they are the meaning of my being at this moment.  Them and my wonderful husband, Mike, of 10 years.  Alexandria, Braden and Cole are the cause and the opportunity for this endeavor because they create so much that needs to be done!  

I have projects that I had started a few years ago, before the triplets were even a thought, and the ensuing 2 1/2 years have been...busy.  Too busy to make any forward progress, we've just been treading water.  We are only now starting to feel like we have a little control over our lives and have realized just how much has become broken over time.  We need this rejuvenation, this overhaul, this makeover.  We need things to change.  

"Groundhog Day", as we either endearingly or resentfully refer to our lives, depending on the day, has to change.  We live our lives in a relentless loop, the same thing over and over and over - reacting to each day's similar challenges.  We need to become proactive as we enter this new period of our lives - because we want more from it!  We don't want to settle for being reactive. Then we will never get anything we want out of life, only what life wants us to get.

This journey is to save what we can, discard what we don't need and to learn to move on.  We want to be in the position to help others again, not just wallow selfishly in our current situation. We want our family to be the best it can be - and it all starts here, in one place, to document, motivate and complete our Life Projects, ranging all the way from fixing the bathroom to fixing our marriage.  We want it all!  ;)

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