Monday, January 19, 2009

The What and The Why

What is this endeavor?

A motivational blog to help me to fix what is broken in my life.  I define "broken" as anything that I am unhappy with in my life and am resolved to change. Parts of every single aspect of my life can always be improved upon, but I will start with the most broken and go from there! 

No money.  Very little time.  I am a SAHM to toddler triplets.  That's the challenge!  No money, very little time.   

Call it a 2009 Bucket List, and you can see the ever-growing Fix List here. 

I will pick a "Project" every week and start "fixing" it.  It may take a year, it may take a few weeks, some may be done in just one day!  But I will have many projects going on at once and I will be posting pictures, progress and completion pretty much every day.  Major projects might have mini-projects or "baby steps" I have to complete in order to get to my goal.  I will include links to my favorite inspirational blogs/sites and also recipes, exercise regimens, valuable information learned, motivation - basically step-by-step instructions for how I got there.  

If you have joined me in my journey, please feel free to leave comments on how this is/isn't motivating you, if you have a tip for me or other readers to share about each project or you just have something to say!      

Why are you doing this?

I feel like many things in my life need to change.  I woke up one day and said - "Enough!"  I am tired of all the clutter, the unfinished projects, of being fat and unhealthy, of taking life's blows and rolling over.  I am tired of being reactive to the cards that life deals me and the proactive part of me is finally kickin' in and taking over.  I am tired of saying to myself that "Someday" I will change this or that.  I want someday to be today, now! 

Hopefully this year will teach me great patience, creativity, endurance and strength in many things.  I hope to emerge a better person for having forced these changes on myself - the person I have always wanted to be.  Above all, I hope to be proud of myself after this year is over and ready to start it all over again.  An overhaul a year - and better, every day.  A better Wife, Mom, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Photographer, Writer, Philanthropist, Catholic....Person.  We are all put here for a reason, and I'd like to be in the best place to find out what my purpose is, the best shape to do what it is I am here to do, whether that be motherhood, marriage or something more specific - I want to be ready and able.   

Change is coming!  I can no longer sit by and watch my life not be the way I want it to be.  Everyone wakes up at some point in their life and says to themselves, “Today is the day I change it.”  Everyone wakes up and is disgusted either with themselves or their life, unhappy with where they have ended up – and it is not your childrens’ fault, or your husband, or your job.  It is up to you to fix what is broken in your life – as Mahatma Gandhi so eloquently put and as President Barack Obama motivates with – “Be the Change you want to see in the world.”   

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