Saturday, January 24, 2009

Project Start: Bedroom Closet

I am officially starting today with my first project.  Well, I am also officially 4 weeks behind.  

That means I will have to sneak in 4 "extra" projects over the next 48 weeks. 

Gotta start somewhere, so first project:

Organize Bedroom Closet.  This entails going through all of the clothes that are currently residing in my closet and my 4 drawer dresser...and being HONEST.  

That might be the hardest part, I think.  

I need to try on every.single.thing.  And figure out if it goes in the "Long Way To Go" Tote, the "Soon Will Fit" Tote, or can actually go back into my closet.  If I were a wagerin' type of girl, I would bet whatever paycheck I used to earn that I will have little left in my closet.  And this is how it starts out:

Yes, a nightmare.  A small child could get lost in there.  A serious hazard that I could probably get a fine for.  I'm serious here!  Nothing got worn or cleaned because it never got found. The pile just continued to grow...

  • Keep only the clothes I can actually wear and feel comfortable in.
  • Hang the hangables.
  • Fold the foldables.
  • Organize jewelry and shoes and scarves.
  • Be able to use my laundry basket for laundry again - yahoo!
  • Find a way to keep it that way with my "Hurricane Cheryle" disposition

No money.  Very little time.  Get Creative.


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