Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Fix List

Write a book about Life With Triplets
Create a Memoir for Ruger
Go Live with Fetching Prints

Lose 50 pounds
Learn how to eat right with PCOS
Eat more organic and natural foods (without paying much more than we are now)
Determine if Muscle Repair is necessary

10th Anniversary Trip Plan

Bedroom Headboard
Bedroom Shelves
Bedroom Canopy 
Bedroom Decor
Bedroom Closet and Dresser Organization

Bathroom Towel Bars
Bathroom Storage
Bathroom Decor
Bathroom Toilet Paper Roll!
Bathroom Stained Glass Panel

Living Room Repaint and Decor
Wall Collage
Canvas Pictures for Collage

General House Decor/Fixes that need to be done

Kids' Nursery
Kids' Playroom
Kids' Storage Area

Help Braden to Walk on his own

Learn more Sign Language to teach the Kids

Create a plan for Meals
Organize a database of recipes, new and old

Home Office/My Desk Organization

Reclaim my Marriage - Save our Dates

Be a Better PenPal
Be a Better Friend
Be a Better Sister/Family Member

Practice Pay It Forward/RAK
Give More

Sell My Excess Crap

Create a Memory Box/Scrapbook for each of the Kids
Finish Baby Books

Organize Garage

All aspects of Garden Design - Ruger's Retreat
Create 2 signs for Garden
Create memorial for Ruger (Laser and Mosaics)

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  1. Hi Cheryle,
    I noticed on your list that you are looking to learn more sign language to teach the kids. Check out this web-site. It is a program designed to teach pre-schoolers how to sign and how to read. I'm not sure if your babes are too little for the reading part, but it will give you a lesson plan for teaching them some more signs. I hope it helps. Good luck on all your projects. You're inspiring me to get some of my own projects done as well.


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