Saturday, March 7, 2009

Daily Numbers

Mashed Potatoes are evil.

Today was a tough day - very weird.  I guess I count on my schedule to keep the eating in check. I slept in today, since I stayed up WAY too late last night on here, obsessing over the new additions to the site!  So, I got a nice 8 hours of sleep, but that means I got up when the babies did, with no time to exercise.  

I wolfed down half a pb and j sandwich and got to business feeding the kids! Then, we scurried out the door to do some necessary shopping for the birthday weekend and we were gone for a few hours.  I kept getting hungrier and hungrier...and every time I got out of the car, I smelled crispy seasoned chicken from KFC, or steaks at Applebee' stomach was in overdrive.  I felt bad eating out, since Mike was home and I didn't want to spend the money.  I could have tried to find some healthy options, but I just tried to ignore the hunger, even knowing that I was doing my metabolism no good.  I walked through Wegman's with the kids in the cart (good way to keep your shopping to a minimum when the space in the cart is holding 2 babies...not much room left!), but it was shopping while starving.  Thankfully, I only go to Wegman's for healthy stuff (quinoa, pesto, agave nectar, etc...), so it was a little easier not to give in when I never made it over to those aisles.  

When we got home, I only had 170 calories in and it was already almost 2:30!  I was starving. Thankfully I had some good leftovers to rummage up quickly...otherwise, I would have grabbed the first thing I saw, which would probably have been cheese and crackers...and eaten my normal portion!  Which I figured out was somewhere around 440 cals for the cheese and 480 for the crackers...for a snack.  Yikes.  What was I doing???

After the kids went down for their nap, I must have felt guilty for skipping my workout, because I did work out then and my calorie burn was way over the norm. Weekends are so disrupting to the schedule!  I'm not sure I like working out later in the day.  Tomorrow, with two parties, church and a nap to fit in (not for me, silly!), there will be no time for exercise. And lots of calories to ingest.  Let's just see how good I can be while not being resentful that I missed out! It's all about balance, grasshopper....

I decided since I was low on cals today to splurge a little for dinner and make this awesome recipe for Roasted Garlic and White Cheddar Mashed Potatoes. This guy likes to eat, and unfortunately, it's usually not all that healthy. And he doesn't include nutritional info, which is understandable, but when I counted them up afterward....holy crap.  They were awesome, which should have been a tip-off from the start - that and the fact that I couldn't stop eating them... I had a 1 cup serving, which is a lot, and I was stuffed after dinner - 400 CALORIES in that 1 cup serving.  Whoa.  But they were soooooo good. 

Ok, since we have to spring our clocks or whatever tonight, I am calling it a night!

Today's Numbers:

2.6 miles, 435 cals walking on the treadmill for 45 minutes

1/2 PBJ sandwich: 170 cals
coffee: 60 cals

7 - Seven Grain Kashi Crackers: 65 cals
chicken, beans and rice taco: 335 cals
coffee: 60 cals

1 oz sharp white cheddar and 4 wheat thins:130 cals

1/4 Grilled chicken breast, those awesome highly caloric evil potatoes, salad, 1 piece of also awesome Wegman's Garlic Tuscan Bread and 1 tsp butter - so worth the 170 cals just for that!: 600 cals, since I didn't really eat anything else but the bread and potatoes.  ;) 

Totals:   435 burned and 1420/1778 eaten.  I think I'm going to have another piece of bread.  ;)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Daily Numbers

I just have to clarify, because I got a few responses to my scale post...and I started laughing.  Somehow I sent the wrong message... I don't weigh myself several times a day! Unless I am bored.  :)  Just kidding... I only did it the first day I had the scale to see just how much my weight did fluctuate throughout a normal day - I thought it would be interesting knowledge to have...but that's the only reason.  Don't worry! I'm not THAT obsessive about this whole thing.  ;)

As a matter of fact, I am actually trying to be very low-key and simple about it all.  Not gung-ho or excited or pumped up!  I am trying to treat this as part my life, simple as that.  Just another day, because I want this all to stick! This is not a diet.  It's a new lifestyle that I want to continue for the rest of my life.  And the less excited I get, the less likely I will burn brightly and then fizzle out quickly. Slow changes = Easy acceptance for this brain!  I treat my exercise and eating just like everything else I do in my life so it becomes a routine, part of the day I enjoy instead of waiting for the day when I can "give it all up."  Does that sound crazy?  It is working, being matter-of-fact about it - I haven't dreaded exercising or any of the choices I am making because this is simply the way it is going to be.  Not much thought, just action. And I can handle that!  

Knowledge is power, and I am gaining tons of that.  I am learning what the best foods are, how many calories they have, how many nutrients, how it affects my body, my performance, my health.  I am learning what my body can handle (calorie and fat wise) and what it cannot. I am learning to find the most nutrient-packed "calorically efficient" foods there are, so I can eat well, eat smart and still be full and satisfied and healthy at the end of the day.  Because, if for one second, I feel like I am missing out, then I will probably falter and regress. That is why I need to make sure I am not depriving myself by finding the full-(good)fat versions of foods and pairing them with lower calorie partners to fill me up!  More on that later... 

Yes, I am more obsessive and controlling and restrictive now than I will have to be in the future (that day will be fun!), but for now, I start climbing to the top of the hill and look forward to the day when I reach the summit and can walk on flat ground forever more.... then it will be easy, because it will be second-nature.

Meal planning will help - if you know what you will be eating ahead of time and plan it out, it is much easier to eat healthy.  The absolute worst thing you can do is "wing-it" about a half hour before chow time, when you are already super hungry and expect to eat healthy and low in calories and control portions every night.  Not gonna happen.  It's the equivalent of shopping when you are hungry.  The chips, the dip and the chocolate milk all make it into a house that would never have if shopping full.  

I have just the person to help me on a post for that one.  (*clearing throat* Christine)  Look for it very soon! I have also found a bunch of other bloggers out there thinking the same thing. And there are many great ideas out there!

Today's Numbers:

409 cals burned, 2.6 mi walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes

Before walk: Banana and pb: 75 cals
After walk: 1 oz mozz and 2 crackers: 120 cals
then about an hour and a half later...
Spinach and Mushroom Egg Scramble on Whole Wheat Flatbread: 420 cals (very filling, but I have ideas to cut this back on cals a bit - look for it in the Recipe Madness Section!)

coffee: 60 cals

Salsa Chicken Taco w/spinach and sour cream (surprisingly low in calories!)

1oz sharp cheddar with 5 w.w. ritz: 160 cals

Realizing it is FRIDAY, and I can't have any MEAT (see lunch), we opted for some amazing gooey, melty, grilled sharp cheddar cheese and tomato sandwiches (with goat cheese in mine, feta in Mike's - I was in heaven!) and some tomato soup.  (I only used a tsp. (teaspoon!) of butter, and then sprayed the outside of the bread with a little cooking spray, so it was only 30 cals instead of the 200 it could have been for 2 Tbsp. (tablespoons!)): 500 cals

After dinner 
coffee: 60 cals

Totals:  409 burned,  1595 /1778 eaten.  I have a party to go to on Sunday and then a Birthday dinner for my dad, in a house full of Foodies, so there is always good stuff going on...I have to stockpile some calories for that day, because it's going to be  

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daily Numbers

Ok!  I have been learning quite a bit this week while I have been counting calories and controlling portions... the first is that I can't believe how many calories are in things! Things such as cheese and crackers, that I would have thought nothing of sitting down with for a "snack" and eating half a box of wheat thins and half a brick of cheese - by myself!!!!  Though, I wouldn't be hungry for dinner... good thing, because the calories in that would have equaled a meal - and a really caloric meal at that.  Wow. 

Plus, the fact that a few simple changes/alterations in your meal can mean big savings in calories - or big gains!  Mike and I sat down for dinner last night - with almost the same meal, and a 800 calorie difference.  Unbelievable!  I had the chicken and sauce on a salad, and was so full, I had to forgo my rice and beans.  Plus, I drank water.  He had a salad, the chicken and sauce, and a cup of instant mashed potatoes...and 2/3 of a bottle of Pepsi.  The pepsi and the potatoes were a whopping 500 calories more.  He had a 1300 calorie meal!  With just a little change.  

I'll tell you more of what I am learning tomorrow. ;)

2.6 miles on the treadmill, 401 cals burned in 45 minutes

Before walk - 1/2 banana and p.b.: 75 cals
After walk - 4 whole wheat ritz and 1 oz mozz: 150 cals
then later: Banana mock danish and coffee: 390 cals

1 cup Indian Rice and Beans Blend, raw spinach leaves and some chicken from last night!: 370 cals

10 whole wheat ritz crackers, 1 tbsp natural p.b. and 1 oz mozz. cheese: 335 cals

Shredded Chicken Salsa taco with avocado and sour cream... and side salad: 380 cals

Total:  401 cals burned, 1700/1778 eaten.  Phew!  Just made it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So, I Bought A Scale.

I sent Mike to get a scale at BJs for me this week.  We had a coupon, so it was only $9.99! I have never owned a scale in my life, never used one to help me lose weight - in fact, I always looked at fat grams and carbs during diets to help me control my eating - never calories and never really my weight.  This is all so different for me. I always looked at weighing one's self every day as over obsessive, since it can change a lot even during the day!  But, there is something to be said about knowing all the facts - measurements, healthy eating, calorie counts actual weight.  It all factors in together so you can get the whole picture!  

And not looking at calories specifically and not weighing myself is probably the reason I am where I am today. 

Since I signed up on the Adios, Fatty blog, as someone who will be accountable and has to "weigh-in" every week, and since I am truly counting calories now - I figured a scale would be a good idea.  Plus, it's pretty.  Glass and metal, with a digital readout.  Like Mike said, it's too pretty to belong in our ancient old house. ;)

But, like I said, it's kind of annoying when you weigh yourself in the morning...knowing you were 203.6 yesterday...and this morning you are 200.6.  Huh.  And then by noon, you are 202.3...and then by 5pm, you are 203.6 again.  Grrrrrr.....  But!  That 203.6 is better than the 205 I started with!  And I know it's accurate because Mike said his weight was exactly the same at the doctor's office a few days ago, where I read out 205 last week.

So, I am hoping it will help in my fight!  Otherwise, it will end up in the garage sale pile.

Daily Numbers

2.7 miles on treadmill
380 cals burned in 45 minutes

Before walk - 1/2 small banana and p.b: 70 cals
Right after walk - 4 wheat thins and 1 oz mozzarella: 125 cals

Late Breakfast/Early Lunch:
Pear Banana Mock Danish: 345 cals
french vanilla coffee: 75 cals

Late Lunch/Snack:
P.B. and J on wheat: 295 cals
french vanilla coffee: 60 cals (less mix added)

Chicken with Grape Shallot sauce on salad with some avocado and shredded parm cheese: 488 cals
french vanilla coffee: 50 cals

Yep, that's 3 cups of coffee - and for me, that's three times the norm.  Probably why I am still awake.

380 cals burned and 1508/1778 calories eaten.  Way low for me!  I'm hoping the scale will show me some love on Sunday night.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Daily Numbers

Ok, so today I binged A LOT, and I was worried I was going to be way over...but I'm not.  Weird.

Still, the binging and no eating for hours is what was bad too!  To keep my metabolism running smoothly and not just dump a bunch to process and then get hungry... it really, truly is hard to eat in a healthy way.  

So, today's numbers!

Exercise: 45 minutes on the treadmill - burned 375 cals.

1/2 banana and 1 tsp. natural p.b. before my walk: 70 cals
Then all this over a period of an hour while I was feeding the kids and cleaning up:
Simple Harvest Oatmeal packet with 1/2 cup blueberries: 200 cals (yikes!)
1/2 banana: 40 cals
tiny piece of (the end of the) toast with tiny bit of butter: 85 cals
1 oz mozzarella cheese: 90 cals

Total just for breakfast: 490 cals... oops! it all adds up..... ;)

Natural Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich: 215 cals

Ham, cheese and whole grain Wheat Thins (ahhh, I love those little things...): 375 cals (I told you I binged today!!)

Pork chop and fusilli pasta with a parmesan bacon cream sauce... I know!  So bad - but it was SO good! and a handful of red grapes: 525 cals - hard to believe, but I only had a small amount of sauce and only a little bit of meat.  Most of the calories were in the pasta!  Wow!

Total:  375 burned exercising and 1605/1778 calories eaten.  

Calorie Need Calculations

I have read a few blogs about exactly how to find out the number of calories I should be eating in a day.  There are just so many factors that go into a definitive number, so I will never really know by these calculators what will be the right number for me. The best way is to start with these numbers and see if you are losing or gaining and then tweak it according to your body.

The first guide calculator I found was on another weight loss blog.  She is a fan of the Biggest Loser and this is the calculator/formula they go by.  Then, they kick it up a notch by working out 5-6 hours a day!  Yikes!  My additions are in pink.

According to Kristi at Adios, Fatty (private blog):
1. Find your BMR (google BMR Calculator) ...I used this one. My BMR is 1,715.

2. Take your weight x 7, and subtract that from your BMR. My weight is 205 pounds.  So, 205 x 7 =  1435. BMR of 1715 - 1435 = 280.  This is the caloric daily deficit you should aim for.  So with my BMR as 1715, I should eat 280 fewer calories a day than my BMR, so I should be eating  1435.  That sounded way too I did a little more checking and it turns out, I think you have to use this equation first, factoring in what exercise you do in a day and subtract your deficit from this number.  I think. Here's the equation:
I used the Harris Benedict Formula to determine the number of calories I should eat in a day to maintain my weight.  This equation varies according to how much exercise you are getting.  For me, since I want to incorporate my exercise in separately, I chose to use the "sedentary" formula.  This formula is your BMRx1.2. My weight-maintaining caloric intake is 2,058.  

Sooooo.... that means I should take 2,058 - 280 = 1778.  That sounds a little more doable, since I normally eat like a horse.

I still have to check with her to find out if my math is wrong...

The research that I have done suggests to vary your calorie intake a little bit every day to keep your metabolism moving!  Also, vary your exercises too, since the same exercise every day can cause a plateau in your metabolism. Even a constant speed/incline in the same workout will not do much to kick start your metabolism either and will do more to hurt you in the weight loss department!

Use the number of calories you would eat to maintain your weight (mine was 2,058) and multiply by 7.  This is the weekly amount of calories to maintain your weight.

Then, do the same for your actual weekly calories and subtract this from your maintenance calorie number. This is how many calories you saved this week!  Since you won't lose day-to-day, a weekly total will let you have a little bit more one day and a little less the next.  It's much less restricting and really how your body will calculate it anyway!  Take your total calories and subtract that from your weekly calorie goal.  That is your weekly defecit.  And 3500 calories is 1 pound of fat, so if you've shaved off 3500, you should lose 1 pound a week!  Exercise calories burned is combined with calorie defecits to see even bigger gains.  So, add up your weekly totals there too and see what number you come up with!

My weekly goal totals are:  
14,406/week if I want to maintain my weight

12,446/week (with my 280 cals a day defecit) to lose weight
1970 calories saved per week

3500 cals/week (burned and saved) = 1 pound 
7000 cals/week (burned and saved) = 2 pounds

I would have to save 219 more calories each day if I wanted to boost the calories saved to 3500/week.

Or, burn 219 calories a day exercising for the whole week.  

This is all to lose 1 pound each week!

Experts say it is wise to not lose more than 2 pounds per week - and that is a tough goal to meet anyway!  Also, be wary that you not go under 1200 calories a day, since that will work against you.  Your metabolism will virtually shut down and store all the fat as the body goes into "emergency mode".  Like I said, keep your calorie level around the same, with a few variations to make your metabolism work in top shape for weight loss. 

The second calculator I found here is actually closer to the number I got after all that above, so it's making me think I might have done the numbers right...but who knows??!

Ok, enough with the math lesson!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Daily Numbers

350 cals burned on the treadmill walking at various inclines/speeds for 45 minutes

Tiny banana and natural peanut butter before workout: 115 cals 
Spinach Egg Scramble and 1 piece whole wheat toast with butter: 320 cals

1 oz mozzarella cheese: 80 cals

Spinach salad with hard boiled egg, olives and tomatoes, with dijon dressing: 265 cals

5 olives: 25 cals

Starving!  Had a ham sandwich...ouch: 340 cals.

Dinner:  Pot Roast Sandwich with gravy and swiss cheese (yum!) with only the bottom part of bun!  Mashed potatoes and gravy: 550 cals

Total: 350 burned, 1695/1778 eaten!  Yay! 

Back on Track

I'm not sure you can say "Back" on Track if you never really got on it in the first place!

But, that's where I am.  After two weeks of being sick and caring for the sick, I have finally "started" again.  I am learning to deal with this calorie restricted new day, looking forward to the day when I can just eat to maintain!  

Hopefully I will get my numbers up daily - I want this blog to be my motivator, the vehicle of accountability to myself.  For both diet and exercise! I also want to post them in case there is anyone out there looking for advice in exactly how to get where they want to be and hopefully, if you are reading this blog, it might help you in some way. 

I want to post all the info that helps me, from BMR Calorie Calculators to getting better organic foods and lots of healthy recipes up here. Also any tips and tools that help me along the way. Motivational quotes, books, other websites, etc. will also find their way on to this blog, rounding out the road map to a new me!

I'm also back on track with some of my other organizing projects - I'm hoping to post about the progress on those in this coming week.  Stay tuned!