Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Daily Numbers

2.7 miles on treadmill
380 cals burned in 45 minutes

Before walk - 1/2 small banana and p.b: 70 cals
Right after walk - 4 wheat thins and 1 oz mozzarella: 125 cals

Late Breakfast/Early Lunch:
Pear Banana Mock Danish: 345 cals
french vanilla coffee: 75 cals

Late Lunch/Snack:
P.B. and J on wheat: 295 cals
french vanilla coffee: 60 cals (less mix added)

Chicken with Grape Shallot sauce on salad with some avocado and shredded parm cheese: 488 cals
french vanilla coffee: 50 cals

Yep, that's 3 cups of coffee - and for me, that's three times the norm.  Probably why I am still awake.

380 cals burned and 1508/1778 calories eaten.  Way low for me!  I'm hoping the scale will show me some love on Sunday night.

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