Monday, March 2, 2009

Back on Track

I'm not sure you can say "Back" on Track if you never really got on it in the first place!

But, that's where I am.  After two weeks of being sick and caring for the sick, I have finally "started" again.  I am learning to deal with this calorie restricted new day, looking forward to the day when I can just eat to maintain!  

Hopefully I will get my numbers up daily - I want this blog to be my motivator, the vehicle of accountability to myself.  For both diet and exercise! I also want to post them in case there is anyone out there looking for advice in exactly how to get where they want to be and hopefully, if you are reading this blog, it might help you in some way. 

I want to post all the info that helps me, from BMR Calorie Calculators to getting better organic foods and lots of healthy recipes up here. Also any tips and tools that help me along the way. Motivational quotes, books, other websites, etc. will also find their way on to this blog, rounding out the road map to a new me!

I'm also back on track with some of my other organizing projects - I'm hoping to post about the progress on those in this coming week.  Stay tuned!

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