Sunday, February 22, 2009

Project Status: Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Project Status:  In Progress

Well, with the kids sick most of this week and last, progress is slowing to a crawl here on this little ol' blog of mine!  I am really slacking on all of the blogs, and this weekend has been brutal. So, to get a little "me" time in, when the kids were napping today, I took apart the medicine cabinet.  So relaxing!  ;)

I am not finished, but I got a really good start today.  Here's a picture of the current state of things:


I threw so much stuff out it was ridiculous - things that expired in 2004, one that expired in 1998.  Wow.  I took out all of my hair care stuff and lotions because it really is a medicine cabinet!  I will find a place for those elsewhere.  And I tried to group things according to use and how often they are used.  


The pain relievers are all together in one container, as are the cough remedies, etc... I placed the containers and then a row of bottles to keep the space in between standardized so that things just don't start to get jumbled again.  Creating a space for everything does that!  Or at least helps minimize the putting back where it doesn't belong.  Hopefully it will work!  Plus, I know we need a few things that I am saving spaces for.  

I am looking for a way to use the height of the bottom shelf...I know there are shelves they sell that hang from the shelf above it, but I need to make something since I don't want to spend the money.  Cheap Cheap! I'd like to label things as well.  Once I got into it, I realized that would help in keeping things where they belong and in finding stuff quickly.  

So, that's the status!

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