Thursday, February 12, 2009


Monday was good!  It was my first day of exercising and eating well.  I was on track.

And Monday night, I started feeling a little under the weather.  Super bad headache and just plain bushwhacked.  So, I took a few Motrin and called it an early night.  Tuesday morning I woke up sick.  Really sick... And SORE......!  What timing! Curse you, Jillian Michaels!!

30 Day Shred Users have all commented that the next day after the first workout is unbearable pain.  Soreness, achy, can't sit down or do a flight of stairs without the ever-present agony kind of sore.  

So, I woke up sick AND that kind of sore.  It was a brutal day and an awful blow to my momentum and motivation.  Today is the first day the soreness has mostly abated and I can just deal with being sick.  And today is the first day I realized just what kind of sick I am.  Chest cold, at it's finest.  Can you beleive that I was that sore that I couldn't tell what was hurting from the sickness?  It's kinda funny, really.  

I haven't fallen off the healthy eating bandwagon though, just the exercising.  We actually had a good meal last night that I will be posting this week - the basic chicken, veggies and whole grain cappelini kind of meal... It was very tasty.  So, hopefully tomorrow, I will feel well enough to get up early again and exercise my patootie off...again.  

Check out some of the new healthy living blogs I have added to the sidebar.  There are some really great recipes, tips and motivation butt kickers on there.  I will be adding more as I start different kinds of projects, and then sorting them as they are all different kinds of helpful.  

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