Sunday, February 15, 2009

Project Start: Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

I'm not sure when this got out of hand, but it is

It's my job now to sort through and toss all the expired meds, vitamins, lotions, band-aids (do they expire? lol) and then reorganize in some fashion all the contents of this tiny cabinet.  We must honestly have about 600 Motrin pills in various strengths.  I guess we like the Motrin!  I will post a before photo tomorrow, when it's not the middle of the night and taking a picture would probably awaken Mikey.  Talk about a Last-Minute-Lucy!  

Hopefully, this will be a quickie and I can devote more time to the other projects that need attention this week!  It will be nice to have done, though, since every time one of us opens it, a pill bottle jumps out at us, like it can't stand to be squeezed in there one second longer.  We then stuff it back in and close the door real quick like.  :)

So, the goals on this one:
  • Sort cabinet contents
  • Toss the expired or the bad
  • Give away the extra to the most accident prone person we know
  • Consolidate as much as possible (i.e., the 10 bottles of same strength prescription Ibuprofin into 1)
  • Organize shelves by category
  • Label?  Do we go that far? 

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  1. small plastic baskets from the dollar store help a lot in keeping all those little things organized.


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