Sunday, February 1, 2009

Project Start: Bedroom Headboard

Always learning, I discovered that the best time to start a project is on the weekends, not just on Saturday - it's just way too limiting!  So, I start Project #2 today.  

I am excited!  There are many projects I would like to complete this year in our bedroom - the place where the magic know, SLEEP.

So, I want it to be comfy, cozy, peaceful, zen.  Right now it's almost an empty shell with a bed and two dressers.  It's not very big, I think 10'x10', so it's a challenge to change anything.  We repainted and bought new bedding 2 years ago, and then the kids happened.  Goodbye, forward progress, on this little project!

I started on this particular idea as soon as we said goodbye to the old waterbed (my adolescent waterbed, btw).  I loved that thing.  Always warm, and nice to sleep on.  But, when Mike came into my life and started hogging the covers, he also moves a lot at night, which caused me to feel as though I were lost at sea in a tiny rowboat, trying to get a few zzzzs before I woke up the next morning exhausted and seasick!  It was nice for one, but not for two. So, the year the three kiddos decided to announce their upcoming arrival, actually a few weeks before we knew about them, we decided to go out and get a real, bonafide grown-up bed.  Woohoo! Though, I was dismayed to find out that grown-up mattresses don't come with grown-up bed frames.  So, we have this squeaky little cheapo metal frame that really only holds the bed up.  

That said, I have been longing for a headboard, some kind of atmosphere around the bed for...well, years now!  And this blog will kick start it into gear.  It's gettin' done this week, baby!

This project will be hard to show what I am looking for in the before, only a picture of our bed and the empty wall behind it.  I don't have a program to overlay my drawings on top, so you'll have to wait for the reveal...


All the stuff I have been collecting for the room is sitting idly next to the bed. Making it look like a mess.  I had been looking and collecting for a while, and now I will get to shop from our very own house store.  Free!  Well, now it is - it wasn't two years ago...  

So, I would like to:
  • Put up an upholstered headboard
  • Hang the very cool Asian-style picture I already bought above the headboard
  • Create a flowy canopy from the ceiling down around the bed
  • Make and hang practical shelving (out of ancient barnboard from guessed it - barn) for our needs
  • Decorate the rest of the room
First, I will start with the headboard and work my way down!  This project requires the help of someone who knows how to work with wood (not me.), so I have asked my loving father to pitch in on this one.  He agreed only if I plaster his face all over this blog because he's an attention seeking diva.  But really it was only if I make him an apple pie.  Thanks for offering your help, Dad!

Oh, did I mention he is "donating" the 2x4s and plywood necessary to create this monster headboard?  For the cause?!  He's the best.  

I am soooo looking forward to this one.  I'm giddy.   

As always, no money, very little time - get creative!

Have you made a headboard you would like to share?

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  1. I posted a picture of my color grouped closet if you need inspiration to make your closet hurricane cheryle proof. It's working for me so far!


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