Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nothing New

I guess I kind of expected I would be updating this blog every day - and I felt like I had nothing new to say today.  And that's because I don't.

I finished my first project kind of earlier than I expected, and since I don't have a new project going until Saturday, it's been quiet here on this little blog o' mine.  I suspect that will change soon enough when I am knee deep in 4 new projects this next coming month, all not as easy as tackling a closet.  Then, I will have updates every day!

Since, I am not giving myself a deadline to finish each project, just a reasonable amount of time and this blog holding me to it, I think life will get crazy enough, soon enough.  

So, I will enjoy this calm before the crazy starts.  Mike has pneumonia, we found out today - and that is enough of a project!    

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  1. Hey Cheryle! I tried to post the other day but my computer was being a pain...anyway, I'd really like to join you in this "fix-it" endeavor. I need a LOT of fixing too, especially the weight and healthy eating part. You are amazing! And I really hope Mike is feeling better. I will hopefully make it over sometime later this week. Hope you don't mind!


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