Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Project Update: Bedroom Closet

Status: Finished
Cleaned, but not Organized 

I was surrounded by a sea of clothes, and just as the rolling waves in the real ocean would make me nauseous, so did the HUGE pile of clothes that do not fit me.  Sickening, but good motivation to reclaim my wardrobe.  Especially since I cannot afford new clothes right now and for a while to come!

But, due to the sheer volume of clothes I have acquired over the years, I would have lost my bet. I have more clothes than I thought left to fill my closet and dresser.

Here are the after pics:
  • I hung my very seldomly used skirts on the back wall so as not to use up precious hanger space:
  • I limited myself to three seldom used sweatshirts on each pile on top, since I could not reach any higher.  
  • I wonder what I can do with that extra space?
  • I also made sure things I use every day, like my running shoes, are extremely accessible.
  • Finished product (dresser is finished too, but no pics):

Dresser is now organized into short sleeved shirts (all long sleeved are hanging), often used sweatshirts, PJs, exercise shirts, shorts and capris, underwear and socks. I still have a lot of stuff (who knew?  The answer is...Mike), but it all fits now, no overflow.  The key here was to get rid of my excess, and I had it lucky - my excess didn't fit, so out it went! 

I feel good!

My shoes are now in a shoe organizer, one that was already there, but I was not using efficiently.

The one problem:  This is not "Hurricane Cheryle"-proof.  It can go back to the way it was at any time if I lose my diligence.  Which happens all the time.  So, I would consider this cleaned, but not yet fully organized.  I still need a way to make it "mistake proof."    


  1. I JUST did my closet last month! It was a disaster! After I got rid of everything I didn't need, I organized it by color and sleave length. I was watching one of those TLC Shows where they show you how to dress yourself and this is what they recommended.

    It's actually working really well for me! I am still being slightly messy with it, but for some reason having it colorblocked is making it easier for me to hang everything back up instead of just throwing it. I still have my pants and skirts seperated, I only colorblocked my shirts/sweaters, which is what I have the most of!

    Anyway good job on getting started and this blog is great!

  2. heya sister! good job - and kudos on getting started...
    I did my closet recently as well... I am notorious for trying to figure out what I want to wear, taking EVERYTHING out of my closet and then by that time I am running late to where I need to be...so everything (used to) stay out of my closet. But I am becoming diligent in putting things back where they belong. It makes for a happier bed room - which means a happier and more peaceful sleep. On to the bedroom!!! you inspire me woman! love you.

  3. Amazing difference--almost as amazing as YOU are!!! Just be sure to grant yourself some "me" time to sit & enjoy it (even if it's only a minute)


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