Friday, February 6, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

Ok, new idea!  Everyone has their favorite things that make life so great...especially the little things that might get you through the day.  Why else would they write a song about it?  ;) Maybe it's a food, maybe a decoration, maybe it's a way about something or someone.  Something you walk by and it makes you feel happy, something you do and it relaxes you, and for whatever reason, it has become a favorite.  

So, what are your favorite things?  I challenge you to post on your blog about your favorites every week, join me on the Favorite Things Friday! Look around your house, your life and pick them out so you can appreciate those little things even more.  Or, feel free to leave a comment if you don't have a blog.  Let us know what you love in your life!

I start very simple this week.  Coffee and Tea.  I don't drink straight coffee, but have ventured into the flavored coffees a bit.  I am a Tea Girl, through and through.  But recently I have discovered this heavenly lift-in-a-cup.  General Foods International Dark Mayan Chocolate Coffee.  Yum.  Because my next goal is to start losing weight, I need to evaluate my snacks, and this one is a winner!  With only 50 calories in a cup, I can have an indulgence after dinner or before bed and not feel guilty in the least.  So good!!!  


The other is my favorite tea.  It's Madagascar Vanilla Red, rooibos tea, from Africa - full of antioxidants.  The rich vanilla flavor and smell is soo good, it doesn't need anything in it.  And that, my friends, is ZERO calories.  I have a cup with a bowl of fruit for breakfast and it is very satisfying.  I love all things vanilla, so this is a big reason why it is a favorite thing.  That and the lion on the front drinking tea all-civilized-like just cracks me up.


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