Monday, February 16, 2009

Project Status: Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Status:  Take the Before Picture!

I haven't officially started this yet, but here's a before picture, and all the reasons it needs to change.

Here's the full cabinet, it's pretty shallow.  

This is one of the major annoyances of a shallow cabinet and an addiction to super-strength Motrin.  Yes, I blurred it out so that none of you junkies out there could fill our prescriptions and run away to Mexico.  It's for your own protection. 
After the c-section of the triplets, I got a bucket load of the stuff - it's great to have around for super-migraines!  The week after, Mike landed in the ER with a slipped disc - and he received his very own stash.  Not that I am bitter, but I got Ibuprofin 600s for my surgery - pulling 3 kids out of a slit in my belly... he gets 800s for his.  Hmm.  Is this a man's world?  I digress...

And this is our other collection.  Apparently we need 2500 band-aids.  In every size imaginable.  
And do you see the pills stashed everywhere?  We have problems.... ;)

Tomorrow I attack this shallow denizen of pain relievers and ouch-pads.  The bonus, if I get hurt in the process, I can finally use something in there.  Wish me luck.

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