Friday, March 6, 2009

Daily Numbers

I just have to clarify, because I got a few responses to my scale post...and I started laughing.  Somehow I sent the wrong message... I don't weigh myself several times a day! Unless I am bored.  :)  Just kidding... I only did it the first day I had the scale to see just how much my weight did fluctuate throughout a normal day - I thought it would be interesting knowledge to have...but that's the only reason.  Don't worry! I'm not THAT obsessive about this whole thing.  ;)

As a matter of fact, I am actually trying to be very low-key and simple about it all.  Not gung-ho or excited or pumped up!  I am trying to treat this as part my life, simple as that.  Just another day, because I want this all to stick! This is not a diet.  It's a new lifestyle that I want to continue for the rest of my life.  And the less excited I get, the less likely I will burn brightly and then fizzle out quickly. Slow changes = Easy acceptance for this brain!  I treat my exercise and eating just like everything else I do in my life so it becomes a routine, part of the day I enjoy instead of waiting for the day when I can "give it all up."  Does that sound crazy?  It is working, being matter-of-fact about it - I haven't dreaded exercising or any of the choices I am making because this is simply the way it is going to be.  Not much thought, just action. And I can handle that!  

Knowledge is power, and I am gaining tons of that.  I am learning what the best foods are, how many calories they have, how many nutrients, how it affects my body, my performance, my health.  I am learning what my body can handle (calorie and fat wise) and what it cannot. I am learning to find the most nutrient-packed "calorically efficient" foods there are, so I can eat well, eat smart and still be full and satisfied and healthy at the end of the day.  Because, if for one second, I feel like I am missing out, then I will probably falter and regress. That is why I need to make sure I am not depriving myself by finding the full-(good)fat versions of foods and pairing them with lower calorie partners to fill me up!  More on that later... 

Yes, I am more obsessive and controlling and restrictive now than I will have to be in the future (that day will be fun!), but for now, I start climbing to the top of the hill and look forward to the day when I reach the summit and can walk on flat ground forever more.... then it will be easy, because it will be second-nature.

Meal planning will help - if you know what you will be eating ahead of time and plan it out, it is much easier to eat healthy.  The absolute worst thing you can do is "wing-it" about a half hour before chow time, when you are already super hungry and expect to eat healthy and low in calories and control portions every night.  Not gonna happen.  It's the equivalent of shopping when you are hungry.  The chips, the dip and the chocolate milk all make it into a house that would never have if shopping full.  

I have just the person to help me on a post for that one.  (*clearing throat* Christine)  Look for it very soon! I have also found a bunch of other bloggers out there thinking the same thing. And there are many great ideas out there!

Today's Numbers:

409 cals burned, 2.6 mi walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes

Before walk: Banana and pb: 75 cals
After walk: 1 oz mozz and 2 crackers: 120 cals
then about an hour and a half later...
Spinach and Mushroom Egg Scramble on Whole Wheat Flatbread: 420 cals (very filling, but I have ideas to cut this back on cals a bit - look for it in the Recipe Madness Section!)

coffee: 60 cals

Salsa Chicken Taco w/spinach and sour cream (surprisingly low in calories!)

1oz sharp cheddar with 5 w.w. ritz: 160 cals

Realizing it is FRIDAY, and I can't have any MEAT (see lunch), we opted for some amazing gooey, melty, grilled sharp cheddar cheese and tomato sandwiches (with goat cheese in mine, feta in Mike's - I was in heaven!) and some tomato soup.  (I only used a tsp. (teaspoon!) of butter, and then sprayed the outside of the bread with a little cooking spray, so it was only 30 cals instead of the 200 it could have been for 2 Tbsp. (tablespoons!)): 500 cals

After dinner 
coffee: 60 cals

Totals:  409 burned,  1595 /1778 eaten.  I have a party to go to on Sunday and then a Birthday dinner for my dad, in a house full of Foodies, so there is always good stuff going on...I have to stockpile some calories for that day, because it's going to be  

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