Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project Start: Tupperware Cabinet

Need I say more?

A deep cabinet, and you can't tell, but there is actually a shelf in there! (lol)

Hoping to organize this in a way that we can't ever get back to this again. Ugh. We seem to clean it up, stack them all together, get it uncluttered again...and then a few weeks later, we are back to this. I think everyone here will agree that a Tupperware cabinet (funny how I call mine that, when most of it is actually toss-able Gladware...but I digress) is one cabinet that is just prone to avalanches, grabbing something and then closing the door real-quick-like so it contains the mess...leaving the slide for the next hapless victim...which is usually... still me.

I had the great fortune to come upon a Lock-n-Lock clearance sale at our local supermarket a few months ago, but those suckers are hard to organize, since I hate separating the lids from the containers. So they don't stack. Maybe that's a good thing? We also have one of those only-seen-on-TV carousels of stackable containers...which I actually really like, but it makes it tough to put stuff around it. Challenge!

The Mission:
  • Remove all containers that have somehow lost their lid into the black hole of Tupperware lids.
  • Remove as much of that toss-able Gladware as I can handle and recycle-bin-it.
  • Find a way to organize lids into a clutter-proof system.
  • Find a way to organize containers into an easily retrieved and clutter-proof system.
  • Recover the floor and shelf of cabinet with new contact paper. :)
I am slightly modifying the instructions I hold myself to, since we are starting to get a little bit of spending money back in the bank to thriftily (is that a word?) spend on projects! Yay!

So, from now on...I add in, (from the smarty pants Bob the Builder show) Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!...and mine, do it with....very little money, very little time. :) I like that a bit better than none!

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